Wild life spirit – Imola (IT)

Wild life spirit

Project description

Wild Life Spirit is an homage to wild life, an homage to those animals and plants that didn’t want or just couldn’t be domesticated by human.My idea was to combine vegetal elements with different totemic animals of the ancient cultures (wolf, deer, eagle, frog, lion, …) and use their own symbolic meaning to generate an hybrid like a neo mythological animal.

I choose to described the subject with a fusion between different sign and elements that define my language to boost up the sense of hybridization between the different elements that generate the composition and to represent the many tastes and senses that life and nature are made.The starting point of this piece was a reflection on the myth of Cernunnos, god of nature and abundance which was venerated in most of eurasia during paleolithic and it resist in Celtic culture (and other cultures in different ways) until the beginning of monotheistic era.

Restar turban culture  Imola 2015

Photo Credits  Giovanni Sarti