Sprout and Ruler – San Pedro de Macoris (DO)

Sprout and Ruler

Project description


I found this amazing building on the first day i arrived in San Pedro de Macoris. The work of art was done already, mother nature conquered again the architecture of the Masonic building. The symbolic content of this readymade image was so strong, so i deicide to add a little detail on it just to bring it to everyone eyes. For me, this piece represents the dichotomy between the creative chaos of nature and the necessity of human being to define the laws of the universe, which are both part of nature. This installation in an abandoned Masonic building represents a perfect combination between the creative chaos of nature and human sense of rationality. The title of the work is Sprout and Ruler, and the idea behind it is to show the intrinsic beauty of the location i chose for my intervention for Artesano Project. The insertion of human element it’s a way to bring inside the scene the Masonic rituals of passing grade. The nudity is a symbol for nature and paganism.

Video: Tost Film

Outdoor pic: Sookie Gullyart

Indoor pic: Mario delgado