Project description

The project Arniul began as a pretext to bring attention to the bee issue and to inform people on the importance of the role that they have for the ecosystem and the problems that force their species into danger of extinction.

The material form of the project is a permanent installation that consists of a totem divided into 3 parts that follows the physical structure of the insect: head, chest, abdomen.

Its parts are made of wood, soil and several live plants with high content of pollen, which are important for the creation of the honey. The middle segment and the lower contain the two connected cavities, prepared with artificial honeycombs ready to be transformed into a beehive by the bees’ action.

In spring, a swarm will be located and invited to occupy the installation. In that occasion, I will realize a meeting in collaboration with a naturalist to investigate the issue. The idea is to support the creation with a periodic appointment for the users in order to permit debates, workshops and demonstrations of honey extraction.

Art Residency curated by Pulsart/Lago Film Festival